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I live in Northern Colorado where I write mostly poetry and some prose. This is my passion and I am actively seeking to be published in print. I have posted many works on various websites and have had some re-published to others. I was recently published in the first issue of a new poetry publication, "In The Gesture Of Words". You can find me on BlogSpot, ReadWave, Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Scribd, Instagram, etc. usually under the name "mindbringer". I contribute to a local zine called "mindbringer". I am a Former Naval Officer with degrees in History, Philosophy, Classical Studies and Computer Information Systems/Computer Networking. I was born in Southern Illinois and have travelled and lived in many places in the United States as well as overseas, including 4 years in the Philippines. When not writing, I work as a Test Lead contracting with a major computer company in the area. I enjoy fishing, hiking, reading, chess, camping, history, philosophy, classics and spending time in my large personal library. I consider myself a Trekker and a Ringer and enjoy playing The Lord Of The Rings Online. I am a widower and have four gifted adult children. I am engaged to be married to a beautiful Filipina. I look forward to having grandchildren someday so that I might impart some of the lessons learned and wonders I have seen to them. I welcome your efforts to connect with me!

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